Submission Requirements

Performers in feature film, TV, cable, web, and live theater productions.
Eligible Ages: 5-21


Actors/actresses in the following roles:
Leading, supporting, recurring, guest starring, voice over, ensemble cast.
Submitted projects must have aired on television or internet, been released theatrically, performed on
stage, or exhibited at an international or U.S. film festival between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017.


January 15, 2018


All submissions must include the following:

  1. A completed submission form.
  2. Headshot and resume.
  3. DVD of the performers scenes.
    1. For short film performances, submit entire film.
    2. For voice over performances, also include a picture of the character you portray.
    3. For live theatre performances - if a DVD is not available due to copyright restrictions, submit theatre
      reviews, playbill, and producers/directors letters.
  4. An electronic video submission may be accepted in certain circumstances. All other submission
    materials must be mailed to the "Young Entertainer Awards".
  5. If you are submitting multiple projects, each must be submitted on a separate submission form.
  6. Please note that all submitted material becomes the property of the "Young Entertainer Awards" and
    will not be returned.


DOWNLOAD Submission Form