About Us


The Young Entertainer Awards Foundation is a non-profit organization that was created by various members of the entertainment industry who want to provide a positive incentive for young entertainers to perfect their skills, to build a strong foundation of confidence that will benefit them, not only in their present acting career, but also in whatever path they wish to follow in their future, and to provide a scholarship to an individual or to another organization or institution assisting talented youth who might not otherwise be able to realize their dream.

Mission Statement

The Young Entertainer Awards Foundation seeks to recognize outstanding performances of young entertainers in film, television, stage, and music and to assist and encourage physically or financially challenged performers to keep their dreams alive through our scholarship program.

About Us

The Young Entertainer Awards was founded by Amparo and Michael Wiener to bring together young performers and their families to honor and celebrate their performance achievements in film, television, music, and stage in an awards show just for young entertainers. In addition to being an experienced awards show director, Michael Wiener and his wife Amparo are no strangers to the experience of children in the entertainment industry. Their four children all began performing at a very young age and have continued their careers in entertainment well into their adult lives, going on to work for many of the largest names in the business in many facets of the industry; from on camera, voice-over, and music, to behind the scenes endeavors like content creation, TV show development and film and music production.


"We know first hand the value of peer recognition, family encouragement and support, and preparation in the lives of young entertainers. That's what the Young Entertainer Awards is all about --- all actors and actress, working and struggling, make a tremendous effort in their endeavor to land a role. It's that very endeavor we wish to recognize, encourage, support and celebrate so that they have nice memories of this time in their lives."