National Board of Advisors


Founder - Magic 8 LLC

RJ has led a stellar 30 year career in the entertainment industry. From his earliest days as a child actor, RJ had a fascination for anything dealing with entertainment, both in front of and behind the camera. Like many child actors who became exposed to the inner workings of a filmed production, soon RJ Lynn realized his true passion was in production and project management. At the age of 17, after working for national kids radio network Radio AAHS, RJ and his brothers started their own sound company called 'Sounds Like a Blast" serving clients in their local area. After college, where RJ studied film and television production, he started his own company and later merged with a fellow entrepreneur and longtime friend to build DPS Inc., a cinema environments, concert touring and live event production company based in Burbank CA. As General Manager, RJ spearheaded business development while keeping up with infrastructure, marketing and operations in the extremely rapid growth of the company. Most recently, RJ has founded Magic 8 LLC. Magic 8 is a video production company specializing in serving clients with creative vision on unique commercial projects.

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