National Board of Advisors


Producer/Writer/Casting Director

Producer and Founder of Brickroad Films, a feature film Production Company based in Beverly Hills, CA. Kevin's goal for the company is to make quality films that will inspire a range of emotion for mass audiences, while providing a great story that is both visually and mentally stimulating. Born in Reno, NV, Kevin studied film and television in a hands on environment while working as a sound engineer and technical director for an NBC affiliate.

Since moving to California in 2005, Kevin has been collaborating with industry power players and has successfully worked his way up the business ladder by providing many company services including casting for national commercials and music videos, producing television pilots, sizzle reels and now he has recently transitioned into his main goal of producing feature length films.

Mr.Barrett's debut film Badge of Honor starring Martin Sheen (The Departed), Mena Suvari (American Beauty), Haylie Duff (Napoleon Dynamite) is slated to premiere early 2015. Kevin's original story became reality when he wrote the film and developed the project under his production company Brickroad Films.

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